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Welcome to our new LOOK!  JaneMART began as an idea to be an alternative shopping area for my eBay store. SouthCarolinaJane.  I created the concept one day in 2005 while driving to visit my ill brother.  He just chuckled when I shared my new idea.  Today I wished he was here to see how long we have stayed online and how our thinking has changed!  His thinking was that I had taken a concept that family friends had created on Main Street with a MARKET approach and just moved the thinking to the Internet.  Actually, he must have been correct.

Most times in business, we feel the need to contact people on Main Street or via phone.  That is how we were reared.  Main Street was exactly what we knew and would have never dreamed that small town thinking could move to the online world.  It is certain that many have done the same with family concepts.  Our store fixed and sold many items to every sort of personality.  That business was named Dixie Home & Auto and great family friends had the store next door named, The Latta Auction Market. Both of these no longer exist.  The Latta Auction Market took on a new idea called The House Of Henry which is still in business today and can be found on Facebook as well. Two of those original owners are still living and seeing ideas live on.

What has always been the best way to spread the word? WORD OF MOUTH and happy customers.

Let’s fast forward.  Selling on JaneMART was an OK idea, but really developed more to redirect traffic back to my eBay store and I realized why not add some of my other favorite things.  Here we are.  Market America-Shop is one of my main business locations and that site has really evolved.  I have been marketing via MA since 1993 in the face-to-face manner.  It only made sense to begin directing traffic to that online business, CarolinaJANE.com,  as I had been doing for my eBay store.

Success was happening by default with very little attention.  As the customers have increased, it was time to track them.  GUESS where they had been landing in Google…………..you have it, JaneMART!   After discussing several options with some business associates and friends regarding blogs, other marketing ideas, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it was determined it was time to give this site a much needed face lift and new energy.

We will update, link, connect to some favorite things to provide information extras!  Enjoy and as always, Thanks for stopping by.



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