Isotonic Solution

“Same Pressure” as Your Body Fluid

Market America offers exclusively the Isotonix brand of nutritional supplements. Isotonix has a state-of-the-art isotonic delivery system to maximize absorption of your supplements. The word “isotonic” means “same pressure,” which in this case is referring to the fact that it has the same osmotic pressure as bodily fluids.  This includes tears, plasma in the blood, sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids, which are all isotonic with one another.  Everything you ingest must be made into an isotonic solution before it can be absorbed by the small intestine.  This is a time-consuming process that involves gastric acid being secreted into the food.  Contractions of the stomach muscles combine the contents of the stomach until a uniform isotonic solution is created.  This proves that digestion takes quite a while because this is only the first step!

When you choose to ingest an isotonic vitamin that is already the same as your bodily fluids, this first step can be shortened dramatically and the Isotonix OPC-3, or other isotonic vitamins, can get to the small intestine sooner and be absorbed within minutes.  The reason this is possible is because there are biological sensors that can tell when the ingested isotonic vitamin has achieved an ideal level of acidity, or pH level, to match the body and therefore become an isotonic solution.  The sensors prompt the muscle between the stomach and the intestines to open and allow the isotonic vitamin solution to pass through.

However, with traditional tablets, it can take 40 minutes before the diluted, acid-attacked nutrients have the option of entering the small intestine to be absorbed.  Which sounds like a better option to you?  95% of the pure, hardly-affected isotonic vitamin solution is absorbed into the small intestine very quickly!  Studies say only 20% of the nutrients from pills are generally absorbed, and that is more than 40 minutes after taking the supplement.  Most people agree the smart choice is obvious and opt for an isotonic vitamin over the traditional pill.

What benefits are you looking for in your dietary supplements?  You take certain vitamins to encourage health in different parts of your body.  The super antioxidant Isotonix OPC-3 helps to improve your level of health in multiple facets of your life including cardiovascular health, strong visual health, improved joint flexibility, and healthy cholesterol levels.  If you are intrigued by the option of taking an isotonic solution, you would greatly benefit from adding the Isotonix OPC-3 to your daily intake of isotonic vitamins and minerals. Isotonix are available at here at JaneMART through Market America.  NO PURCHASES can be processed outside of Market America’s main site.  We link you there for final purchase.

JaneMART offers the following nutrition supplements in an isotonic solution:

OPC-3, Acai, Antioxidants, Pycnogenol, Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Calcium Plus, Vitamin B Complex, Multivitamin, OPC-3, Maximum ORAC, Vitamin D, Glucosamine.


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